Kachar Tool CO

Kachar abzar Co., Ltd. Due to the needs of the oil and petrochemical industries and other heavy industries, modern and up-to-date tools for the use, closing and opening of various types of screws, are working on the production of highly efficient tools such as tinplate bolt. At present, the use of traditional or old methods in the country's industries has increased the cost of installation and maintenance of equipment. The use of the tinplate bolt tool, in addition to the very high speed of operation, maintains the quality of the profile and material of the bolt and seal, and today, as a principle and safe method, it has been opened up in many advanced industries. The tools provided are of two types, the two classified classes being produced for the first time in the country that cover most of the applications. In addition, any other custom tool can also be provided in the least  amount of time and cost than similar samples